When Wisteria Southern Gastropub came to MESH to discuss development of their website, we recommended that they hire a professional photographer. One critical mistake many businesses make is thinking that taking photographs themselves will be “good enough” to sell their business or products. We know from over 15 years in marketing and advertising design that professional photography takes any marketing endeavor to the next level.

Working with photographs shot by John S. Payne Photography combined with a few stock photos, we developed a rich, layered design that relates the experience one enjoys when dining in their restaurant.

This website was built on the WordPress platform using a custom responsive design that displays nicely on all desktop and mobile devices. Using the WordPress system, the owners of the website are able to easily update their content and photos while enjoying the security of a robustly developed open-source content management system.

You can visit this website at http://wisteriagastropub.com.