This cohesive collection of print collateral presents a professional image for Burke Development, Inc. By using their corporate colors in a variety of ways, we have added variety to their materials while maintaining a consistent image.

The “spiro­graph” effect was developed as a sta­ple of the BDI brand, is car­ried through to the let­ter­head with a mod­ern approach that makes excel­lent use of white space

Two-sided business cards feature a different corporate color for each staff member on one side and the corporate logo with “spirograph” effect on the back.

Corporate stationery uses a variation of the spirograph effect to add interest while maintaining a professional look.

A2 and #10 envelopes feature a color bar on the front that carries over to the flap. These envelopes also use “peel & seal” instead of glue. A note card using the staples of the BDI brand was also designed for use in the A2.

Pocket folders use the “spirograph” effect on the cover and the inside pockets are extended 2″ above the standard 4″ to accommodate more content.

Overall, this package of corporate stationery and print collateral allow Burke Development, Inc. to present their professional image not only in person, but also on paper.