Your logo will be working at many sizes across a wide range of applications over time. How will it hold up when reduced to fit on a business card? How will it look on a billboard? What about that black & white newpaper ad you sometimes run in the local paper? How about full-color on your Website? This is where variations of your logo are important.

We recently completed the logo above for US POD BOX for their “Bubba Tough” promotion. It included the logo in variations including 2-color clean, 2-color distressed, full-color distressed, and 1-color black, plus a trademark featuring only the initials BT.

Upon approval of the design, the owner of the business was presented with the necessary files to produce his logo at any resolution, enabling him to work with other service bureaus besides MESH Design Group. In addition, we keep copies of all files for our clients and are happy to send them when needed at no charge.