When creating a Facebook page for your business or organization, don’t just set up a profile as though you are a person. Instead, make sure you create a business page.

One very good reason to do this is it is against Facebook rules to have your business set up as a profile. So there is a risk that the profile could be removed at any time by Facebook for violating their rules of use.

Other important reasons for creating a Facebook page instead of a profile for your business include:

  • Pages are indexed by search engines.
  • Pages give you access to Insights – analytical data on your fans and how they interact with your Page.
  • Other pages can like your page. That is, a page can like a page, but a page cannot become friends with a person.

These are all great reasons to make sure your business is represented properly on Facebook as a page, but there is still another reason. Perhaps more important than all the rest. Here it is. In our current technological times, it shows you know what you’re doing.

If you already have your business set up as a profile on Facebook, you can visit this link for a clear understanding of the pros and cons and instructions on how to convert your profile to a page.


And happy Facebooking!