We recently had the pleasure of working with American Roller Bearing (ARB) and Honey Bees Event Planning on the print collateral for ARB’s 100th Anniversary Celebration. Our responsibilities included the creation of specialized print collateral, on-site posters and a Power Point presentation. While there are too many pieces to show here, the images below illustrate the general aesthetic of the event.

Through consultation with ARB, it was decided that all materials would feature a historic, turn of the century, feel accomplished through typography while remaining very much in the now. The centerpiece and most ambitious project was the invitation for the event.

Graphic Designer Eliot Lytle’s concept for the invitation required a leap of faith for the staff at American Roller Bearing. The design would be using specialized printing techniques that wouldn’t reproduce in the proofing process.

Eliot said, “Trust me.” They did. The results are astounding.

The circular design stands out from the other 99.9% of printed collateral. A 6-color printing process uses 2 metallic inks to create reflective duotones of the bearing images not possible through the regular 4-color printing process. Finally, a registered embossment lends a tactile feel to the design. The result is an invitation that is a impressive to view and a joy to hold in your hand.

We thank American Roller Bearing for the opportunity to work with them and help make their Centennial Celebration special. It’s not often a company turns 100. We enjoyed learning about their company and how their products have played a part in American history. From the earliest trains to the oil industry to the space program, American Roller Bearing has been there.

Also, we must thank Blue Ridge Printing of Asheville, NC. Their knowledgeable staff and specialized skills were instrumental in bringing the ambitious invitation design to reality. There are few print shops in the region that we would trust with such specialized work.