The Exploring Joara Foundation recently hired MESH Design Group to develop a website for their annual Joara Pottery Festival. Since pottery festivals are popular in western North Carolina, they needed a website that would look and function better than other pottery festival sites.

So we created a custom website design that reflects that artistic nature of the event. All important information – the date and location of the event – is prominently featured on every page of the site, so it is immediately seen regardless of what page the visitor lands on when coming to the website.

We also included  a page for each artist featuring a photo of their pottery, so visitors can see the quality of work that is featured at the event. Even the Artists’ navigation menu has thumbnails of each artist’s work for a great visual effect.

We built this website (and many others) using WordPress, today’s most popular open source Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is an incredibly well developed CMS with 100s of developers contributing regularly to the project. The number of developers working on WordPress has created a system that is very fast, very secure, and very easy to use.

Our custom website designs built using WordPress provide our customers with websites that allow them to easily add and maintain their own content while enjoying a custom design that is unique to their business or organization.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Exploring Joara Foundation and can’t wait to check out the 5th Annual Joara Pottery Festival!