Morganton Federal Savings & Loan has recently changed their name to Morganton Savings Bank. As part of their rebranding, they contracted us to redesign their logo using the previous version as inspiration so as not to alienate their previous brand.

Old Morganton Savings & Loan Logo

Old Logo – Click to Enlarge

We needed to redraw the building in vector-based graphics so the image could be scaled to any size without loss of quality but also appeared clean and crisp. Using Adobe Illustrator, we carefully built a composite image from background to foreground using layers to manage the very complex rendering.


Once the illustration of the building was complete, we decided to lose the drop caps in favor of a tighter composition that visually unifies the various elements of the logo. The final logo was provided to the client as a set of files consisting of versions for use in both a horizontal and vertical spaces and many types of reproduction including full-color, 2-color, 1-color, and line art.

If you feel your business has outgrown your old log and are ready for an updated professional look or simply need a straight recreation of your logo that will reproduce properly, please drop us a line. We can help you take it to the next level.

Versions of New Logo Provided to Client