The owner of Maria’s Italian Eatery recently approached us about branding her new business. Maria needed a logo designed for her restaurant as well as several pieces of print collateral including menus for the dining room, take out menus, catering menus, and box topper coupons.

After discussing several concepts for Maria’s logo, we decided to explore using her signature as a base for developing her brand. We had her sign her first name several times using a Sharpie and then chose the best letter forms to create a composite signature.

Marias Letter Choices for Vector

These letter forms were then cleaned up in Adobe Illustrator and combined to create final vectorized signature that would hold up as a logo. Several fonts carefully considered for the words “Italian Eatery.”

Marias Logo Basic Script

Once we had the final basic version completed, alternate versions were created for use in different spaces including an embellished version with olive branch, and full version with a pizza in the background.

Marias Logo with Flourish Marias Logo Full Version

A bright green was chosen to loosely represent the traditional Italian green and a burnt orange was added for use in print collateral giving the brand a contemporary feel.

For the extended brand, we chose a font for display purposes and a highly functional utilitarian font for body copy and labeling.

Having all of these fundamental pieces of Maria’s brand in place set a clearly defined standard for all of her marketing materials which will lead to a consistent image of her business being presented to the public.

These standards also allowed us to easily design and layout the dine-in menu, take-out menu, catering menu, and box topper coupons.

Print Collateral