Did you know?

You can’t go very far around Morganton or Burke county without seeing the work of MESH Graphic Designer Eliot Lytle. Back around 2003, Eliot designed the graphics for the splash pad at Martha’s Park and we thought it would be interesting to show the creative process behind one of downtown Morganton’s most prominent land marks.

To develop the design for the rubberized splash pad, a series of preliminary designs were developed based on the predetermined placement of the various water jets throughout the splash pad. The images below show 3 of the many of the possible designs that didn’t make the cut or were too expensive to produce.

The image below shows the diagram that was provided illustrating the placement of the jets. The design was intended to highlight the placement of the jets.

Martha's Park Design with Jet Placements

Design with jet placements shown.

The final design (below) ended up being a simplified version of a more complicated design due to budget constraints.

Martha's Park Final Design

Final design for Martha’s Park splash pad.

This is just one of many interesting projects Eliot has worked on over his two decade career in the graphic arts often for applications beyond the advertising arena.

At MESH we design for everything. If it has an image on it we can do it.