Project Description

This 320 page, perfect bound catalog for American Roller Bearing is the largest piece of print collateral we have done. It required organizing a massive amount of information including 100s of pages of tabled data and technical illustrations. Of course, we love handling copy at MESH and worked closely with folks at American Roller Bearing to make this project a great success.

The job included page layout, technical illustration & photo manipulation. Many older black & white photos of bearings were made more dynamic by coloring the brass elements in Adobe Photoshop. The tabled data was taken from spread sheets and flowed seamlessly into custom Adobe Indesign tables, avoiding the time consuming and mistake prone process of keying in data by hand.

This catalog had a print quantity of over 2500 and represented a lot of money in printing costs. A job like this is when you need an expert in pre-press, color correction, and color separation. With 20 years of experience in preparing documents for offset press, MESH is the best in Burke County at getting the big projects done worry-free while handling the data in an elegant, efficient manner.